P4 Toy Hexing Tutorial (based on the shoe)
P4 Basic Clothing Hexing Tutorial
Using Excel to Calculate Petz Show Titles

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Petz Clothing Tinker Templates

Other Resources

Prompt Generator
~ to give you in-game petz gameplay ideas as well as ideas for hexing/creating things ~
Library of Tutorials
~ My compilation of links to hexing tutorials for petz, clothes, toyz, brexing, etc. ~
Beginner's Show Guide
~ this is not a pose guide, it's about the very basics to get you started in showing, e.g., what are show names and how to pick them, what are prefixes, what are the different show types, where as the various pose guides for different show types, etc. ~
Showing Resources
~ My compilation of links to pose guides, other show guides, prefix archives, graphic awards, etc. ~

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