Calculating Show Titles in Excel Automatically

If you want to show your petz but don't want to add up the points and figure out their titles, there are easy ways to do this in Excel. This can also be done in a Google Spreadsheet as well, I believe. Additionally, the first image in this tutorial can be dragged into a new tab in order to make it bigger.

First, you'll want to put your petz total show points in Excel. I'll add more details on this below. But let's assume for now that their total is 40 points in cell B2.

Get another cell ready for where you want their title to appear. Copy and paste this formula into the cell:

=IFS(B1>=500,"Legend",B1>=300,"Legendary Champion",B1>=200,"Reserve Legendary Champion",B1>=100,"World Champion",B1>=90,"Reserve World Champion",B1>=50,"Ultimate Grand Champion",B1>=30,"Supreme Grand Champion",B1>=20,"Master Grand Champion",B1>=15,"Grand Champion",B1>=10,"Champion",B1>=5,"Reserved Champion",B14>=0,"None")

Now, Excel will automatically calculate what title your petz should have based on their title number of points. If your total number of points is in a different cell, make sure to change all the "B1"s in the above formula to the appropriate cell.

Above is an example of how you could format each show petz' entry. Each placement corresponds to the number of points earned from that placement (5 points for BIS, 4 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and 1 for HM). B16 uses the SUM formula to add these all up. Then B17 uses the title formula above to figure out the petz title, but B1 would be changed to B16 each time.

Alternatively, you can use Airtable to track your show petz and all their info/points. Meowlissa/Melissa has a great guide on thathere. You may be able to use formulas in Airtable as well but I have not messed with it.