Changing Clothing BMP's (Part 1)

The first part of the tutorial will hopefully teach you how to change the bmp for clothes. Using multiple bmps will be in part two. First, pick what clothing item you want to hex off of. For the purpose of this tutorial I am hexing off the Circus Sweater in P4.

~You will need an image editing program for this (any image editing program will do like MSPaint, Photoshop, Gimp, etc. I use Paint.Net) and IrfanView. After making your clothing texture/pattern in your image editing program, open the pattern in IrfanView and save it as a 256 color BMP. I found other image editing programs do not reliably save the bmps as 256 colors so they often don't work in game, which is why I suggest getting IrfanView.~

Click save as and name your new clothing item. I'm making a plaid shirt so I named it R-PlaidShirt1. A tip is to somehow incorporate your name into the clothes and toyz you hex. This makes it easy to find your hexed items and it makes it easy for others to figure out who hexed what. Some examples are: R-Shirt, [Rebecca] Shirt, Rebecca_shirt, and so on.
Enter a new breed ID number (I normally add a few hundred to the original one) so that the shirt does not overwrite any other clothing. For the secon box with four digits, these will change on their own so they don't need to be touched.

Next you will need to make the bmp for your new clothing. I found a plaid pattern online and pasted it into an image editing program. The image should be 32x32 pixels, 64x64, or a multiple of those numbers. Save the image as a 256 color bmp so that it shows up correctly in game. Now, in LNZ Pro in your new clothing item, right click on RCData. Then click on "Add resource..."

Then click browse and find the shirt pattern you made on your computer. I found my plaid bmp and opened that. After you confirm your selection LNZ will show this (or something with similar data). Nothing needs to be changed. Clicked create. The purpose of these last steps were to imbed the bmp in the clothing file so that you do not need to send external bmps along.

A new category called BMP will now show up (it may have already been there depending on which file you are hexing off of). I can now see that my plaid bmp is embedded. "TIGHTS2" was the original bmp the shirt used. It is not required but since I will not be using this it can be deleted now. Right click on the bmp you wish to delete and click delete.

Afterwards, click on the "CLZ" dropdown and then on "CLOT_SWEATERCIRCUS" or whatever your respective file is called. This opens up the coding of the shirt which is similar to a pet file. At the top is the texture list. Change the original texture to your new texture. "tights2" would now be chaged to "plaid" and it is important you name the file exactly how it is saved. If it was an all lowercase name, make sure all letters are lowercase. The "\art\textures\" part does not need to be changed.
Since my plaid bmp is the first texture, it is texture 0. Make sure the end of all the ; ball lines are 0, as this is the texture they will be using. You can now save the file and open up Tinker and an image editing program.

In an image editing program, open up the Tinker tempate you wish to use for the clothes and the bmp you used for your shirt. Templates and image editing instructions can be found here or you can extract them and make them yourself (explained later). Now in Tinker, open up your new clothing file. Two options will come up, click the one containing "AWAY" and then click "Edit."
If you were to click on the first option, that allows you to edit how the clothing appears when held and when on the floor. This isn't super important and isn't normally changed in the Babyz Community. You can change these images if you want but it is more time consuming.

After clicking on the "AWAY" file, open up the "AwayA" dropdown. There will be one or multiple files starting with "Frame." This file has five frames. Click on each of these individually and then click import and import in your edited Tinker template. Do NOT click "AwayA" and then import the new shirt image as this will make it look messed up. Change and click on each of the frames individually. Click save.

Open up your game to check your clothing item. For this tutorial I hexed a plaid shirt so that is what I was specifically looking for. The item may appear in the middle of the closet at first but if you close and reopen the game (depending on the clothing ID number) it will most likely move to the left side of the closet.
If everything was done right the sweater should appear in the closet and on your pet correctly as shown above.

Happy Hexing!

*Credit for the hexed dog in the last pic goes to CatCreature