About Me

I've been playing petz since I was around 5 years old and have now been in the PC for about 7 years, having joined in 2014. When I was little I used to play Petz 5 but have since switched over to mainly use Petz 4 (and Babyz as well!). I've got the full collection of Petz games complete with Babyz and Oddballz. I started hexing petz a while after being in the PC, but am better at hexing toyz and clothing items. I'm not much of a breeder, but I do enjoy it sometimes.

I live in the US and I'm a college student. I have a dog, a cat, and fish in real life, but have had other pets in the past (rats, hamsters, more fish, a cat, a dog). When I'm not playing petz I'm normally playing other video games! I also enjoy card games, board games, and starting craft projects I will never finish. Art-wise, I like making things/miniatures out of polymer clay and I enjoy doing paper crafts called "paper theaters." I'm obsessed with anything miniature as well! I love to collect miniatures and have an affinity for dolls and figures and stuff of that nature.

Besides video gaming, crafting, and doing school work, you can normally find me wasting my time on Tumblr or watching various shows and movies. I'm a big fan of superhero movies and in general, most things fiction or fantasy. I like to bake sometimes too, but the tradeoff of having to clean up the kitchen is certainly not fun!

My Contact/Showing Info

Site name - Forum username - Profile Name
RKC - Monkeygirl103 - rebeccamonkey
PKC - Monkeygirl103
WhiskerWick - Monkeygirl103 - rebeccamonkey
Seeing Stars - Monkeygirl103 - rebeccamonkey
Milk - Rebecca
PUGS - RebeccaMonkey - prev. Monkeygirl103
TFM - RebeccaMonkey
Duke's Group - RebeccaMonkey

Petz Showing Prefix - DTRH (or TWDA but that is only for petz adopted from my other site: TWDA). Previously prefix was MG103 which is PKC registered
Petz Horses Showing Prefix - NRR or North Ridge Run

UPDATE AS OF 3/26/17 - Petz adopted from me should say Rebecca@DTRH
UPDATE AS OF 2/17/17 - Petz adopted from me will say the owner is Rebecca@RH. Older petz will just say Rebecca.

Rules for petz you adopted from me

For Bred Petz
- name and gender changing is fine -
- play dates are fine -
- brexing stuff like eyelids is fine -
- you can make them have [no texture rotate] addballs so they can wear clothes that require it -
- please use my show prefix DTRH -
- treetrimming is fine -
- if no longer wanted, send back or MPA -
For Hexed Petz
- name and gender changing is fine -
- please don't look at code or use any external bmps I've made for other purposes -
- however you can make them have [no texture rotate] addballs so they can wear clothes that require it -
- play dates with trusted members are fine -
- please use my show prefix DTRH -
- if no longer wanted, sending them back is preferred but you can MPA if I'm not around -