About Me

I've been playing petz since I was around 5 years old and had always adopted the same dogz and catz and waited days for them to breed. It wasn't until I joined the PC in 2014 and BC in 2015 that I started playing P3/4 and Babyz and using PetzA. I had also never hexed up until that point and still have a long way to go.

I enjoy animals in real life as well! It's hard to find a petz player without any real pets ;) I currently live in the USA with my dog, cats, rats, and many fish. I've had many other pets in the past, notably hamsters.

I enjoy many other hobbies like gaming, making miniatures, and more. I also like wasting my time on sites like Tumblr, looking at memes. My favorite shows are Parks and Rec, Stranger Things, Merlin, Agent Carter, etc. My favorite movies are anything Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter, and Marvel. My favorite book series is the Percy Jackson series.

My Contact/Showing Info

RKC - Monkeygirl103 - rebeccamonkey
PKC - Monkeygirl103
WhiskerWick - Monkeygirl103 - rebeccamonkey
Seeing Stars - Monkeygirl103 - rebeccamonkey
Milk - Rebecca
PUGS - RebeccaMonkey - prev. Monkeygirl103
TFM - RebeccaMonkey
Petz Showing Name- DTRH - prev. MG103
Petz Horses Showing Name - NRR or North Ridge Run (or the names above)

UPDATE AS OF 2/17/17 - Petz adopted from me will say the owner is Rebecca@RH. Older petz will just say Rebecca.
UPDATE AS OF 3/26/17 - Petz adopted from me should say Rebecca@DTRH

My Wishlist

My Likes:
  • White tabby stripes and chest patches
  • Oshies, BW's, Calicos, Meezers, some Allies
  • black and white petz
  • icy blue, pink, and black eyes
  • Chest, snout, and/or butt patches
  • Mutts, Dalis, Great Danes, Labs, some Sheepies and Dachies
  • black and white petz
  • icy blue, pink, and black eyes
    Hexed Petz-
  • Food themed petz
  • Catz, dogz, or wildz really
  • Sometimes plush (untextured) petz, it depends
  • Blind/firefly eyes
My Dislikes:
  • Disproportionate bodies
  • Chinchi feet and heads on non-chinchi bodies
  • Teal eyes
  • Certain potato/oval shaped catz
  • Disproportionate bodies
  • Poodles, some dachies and sheepies, scotties, and such aren't my faves
  • Teal eyes
  • Some halfie dogz
    Hexed Petz-
  • Too many textured parts (sometimes)
  • Petz that are too crazy looking/don't move well
    Disclaimer: I don't really need more bred petz right now. Also, I don't have any petz I hate I simply have ones I like less. I'm very easy to please.