Oh hey look! You've found my secret-ish testing page! I just use this to test code and whatnot before it goes on a more official part of my site, or to save html/css I'm no longer using. But I like this page to be easy to access/see so here we are. Ignore everything here (like the wishlist), it's either outdated or just random notes. Not my actual current wishlist, etc.
So uh here's a stamp for you to collect! Bye bye now!

My Wishlist

My Likes:
  • White tabby stripes and chest patches
  • Oshies, BW's, Calicos, Meezers, some Allies
  • black and white petz
  • icy blue, pink, and black eyes
  • Chest, snout, and/or butt patches
  • Mutts, Dalis, Great Danes, Labs, some Sheepies and Dachies
  • black and white petz
  • icy blue, pink, and black eyes
    Hexed Petz-
  • Food themed petz
  • Catz, dogz, or wildz really
  • Sometimes plush (untextured) petz, it depends
  • Blind/firefly eyes
My Dislikes:
  • Disproportionate bodies
  • Chinchi feet and heads on non-chinchi bodies
  • Teal eyes
  • Certain potato/oval shaped catz
  • Disproportionate bodies
  • Poodles, some dachies and sheepies, scotties, and such aren't my faves
  • Teal eyes
  • Some halfie dogz
    Hexed Petz-
  • Too many textured parts (sometimes)
  • Petz that are too crazy looking/don't move well
    Disclaimer: I don't really need more bred petz right now. Also, I don't have any petz I hate I simply have ones I like less. I'm very easy to please.

    RKC - ✿
    WW - ❆
    SS - ♞
    PUGS - ♣
    TFM - ♥
    Discord - ♦
    Skype - ♫
    Website application (email) - ♠
    Gift (email) - ☾
    P5 originally, used Flux to change to P4 - ♛

    tulgey css padding used to be "padding: 10px". Changed to 0 on 9/1/21, linked tulgey publicly as well for better/easier access to site.

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