Information and About Section

TWDA is inspired by many things. I've always really enjoyed the WW mysteries, PUGS mysteries, Milk puzzles and events, etc. Solving puzzles, mysteries, and choose-your-own adventure style stories is always really fun, and one of my favorite type of events/games in the PC and BC. I'd love if these could be even more common! So I've started this extension of my website in order to host my own little mystery games. Most will be mysteries, though some will be more puzzle-like or choose-your-own adventure style. I am certainly not a writer, so I am trying to find a balance between making the stories too easy to solve and too convoluted. I want them to all be solvable by everyone, so that everyone who reads them to get to the prize at the end without getting stuck. Some passowrd protected pages that require an "answer" might be utilized but even so, they should be able to be answered by just guessing haha. In addition to my inspiration coming from the PC and BC, I really enjoy puzzle games and escape room games in real life. My mom and I receive an Escape the Room subscription box every other month that we enjoy solving, and we've been playing through The Room games as well. We've done a bunch of non-subscription/one-off escape the room games too. Beyond that, I love the silly styles and fun dialogue of games like The Amazing Frog Detective (which, you guessed it, involves solving a mystery) and Donut County (not a mystery game). The Dragon Cave choose-your-own adventure style events (that are often either puzzles/mysteries too) come to mind too!

For each mystery, I want there to be some sort of goodies at the end. This is both to encourage me to hex regularly and to give incentive and a reward for reading through my stories. Goodies will likely be themed around the story and can include toyz, clothes, playscenes, art/graphics, bred petz, and hexed petz. I want the goodies to actually be able to be incorporated into the story, ya know? Anything bred or hexed will be done in P4, though I may make some goodies for Babyz as well. I work at a leisurely pace as my motivate fluctuates and real life things get in the way. So, there is no schedule for how often mystery stories will be posted.

Once this site is active I would love feedback on what people enjoyed and what could be done differently (maybe a longer/shorter story, something easier/harder, etc.). I am also happy to utilize pictures of petz from other peoples' crews in the story. Additionally, so long as life does not get in the way, I would be happy to work with others to write a story or make goodies. Got a fun story idea in mind that you'd like to help write? I'd love to work together and hex some goodies for it! Got some hexed items that you think would be fun in a story? I'd love to help come up with a mystery story to go along with your themed items! I do reserve the right to turn down ideas though, just for time-related reasons and if I don't think I can hex things for them (though graphics and bred petz are always options for goodies to recieve at the end of a story). I will put better contact information up on this site later.