Prompt Generator

I created this randomizer to give myself ideas as for what to do with my petz. I thought other people may enjoy these prompts as well! When you click the button, the generator will give you an idea as for what you can do with your pet in game. This is great for natural raising or some sort of "pic a day" challenge with a specific pet. If you're naturally raising a pet, you could generate a week's worth of prompts to give you some stuff to do each day, and then re-generate 7 new prompts in a different order for another pet!

Included in the generator are easy prompts that can be done in a pic or two, like planting flowers, getting dressed up, etc. Others are harder, like hexing a custom item for the pet you're naturally raising. If anyone decides to use this and you make a thread to complete some of these prompts, I'd love to be tagged so I can see!

Randomly generated prompt is: